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F&B Mfg LLC is proud to serve the production needs of a variety of industries



F&B Mfg LLC is proud to serve the production needs of a variety of industries including the aerospace, defense, military and commercial markets. Our expertise extends to engines for military and commercial aircraft including helicopters, fighter craft and Boeing passenger planes.

Pratt & Whitney


For Pratt & Whitney Canada, we precision tooled 31 parts for their PT6 engine family. This engine is one of the most popular aircraft engines for turboprops in known history. It also supplies power to single and twin commercial and military aircraft providing 580 to 1,940 shaft horsepower.

PT6A Engine

The PT6A engine is found in such craft as the Raytheon T-6A Texan II, a single engine turboprop used by the United States Air Force and Navy. The French Air Force also uses the same engine in their Embraer EMB 121A1 Xingu III twin engine turbo that is designed for both military and commercial use. Switzerland uses the PT6A in the Pilatus Aircraft, which are single engine turboprops used for civilian, military and law enforcement aircraft.

PT6B Engine

The Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6B engine packs 981 horsepower for flying emergency response helicopters, commercial and military planes. This engine is found in the Sikorsky S-76B, single engine commercial helicopter and the Agusta Westland AW119, a single engine, 8 seat utility helicopter used by the Phoenix Police Department, TexAir and the New York City Police.

PW980 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)

The Pratt & Whitney auxiliary power unit involves subsidiaries of United Technologies, Inc., Hamilton Sundstrand and Pratt & Whitney. As partners this joint development produced the largest commercial APU ever and is designed for the world’s largest aircraft, the A380. Singapore Airlines is the launch customer for this craft, and in 2007, Hamilton Sundstrand entered into a 17 year maintenance agreement with the airlines. The A380 Airbus supersedes the Boeing 747 in size and offers seating for 525 when filled in 3 classes or 853 for economy class alone.

PW150 Engine

We engineer 6 parts for this Pratt & Whitney Canada engine. It features 6,500 to 7,500 horsepower and is found in regional turboprop aircraft. An example of aircraft flying with this engine is the Bombardier DHC-8 Q400, a twin engine "dash 8" commercial turboprop, which was first built in 1983. It provides seating for 70 to 78 people and is used primarily by Air Nippon, Horizon Air and Royal Jordanian Air.

PT6C Engine

A workhorse of power, the PT6C engine is used for commercial, military and emergency helicopters. It offers 1,600 to 2,300 horsepower, and in 2007 it was selected for use in the EC175, a joint project of EADS Eurocopter and Aviation Industries of China (AVIC). This 6 ton helicopter is used for the civil market and has seating for 16. Other aircraft that use this engine include the PZL Swidnik W-3 Sokol, a military helicopter used by the US, Poland, Russia and Germany; the Bell/Agusta BA609 VTOL, a civilian twin engine helicopter and the AgustaWestland AW139, which was designed to replace the Huey of the United States Coast Guard. It is also used by law enforcement, emergency medical services and offshore drilling operations.


Aeronamic Environmental System

F&B also manufactures three components for Honeywell and Aeronamic in the environmental control system (ECS) unit that is responsible for controlling air circulation on board aircraft. The manufacturing license for this unit was obtained from Honeywell by Aeronamic in 2002, and they supply parts for a 1,000 craft fleet. These air circulation systems are found in the Boeing KC-10, a tanker aircraft used by the United States Air Force. It is the longest range production aircraft in operation today. The ECS is also used in the Airbus A300.

TPE-331 Engine

For the Honeywell TPE-331 engine, we manufacture 5 versions of the craft’s anti-icing shield. It is found in the civilian & military used Mitsubishi MU-2; the Cessna 441 Conquest II and the BAE Jetstream 41 used by Eastern Airways.

General Electric

manufactured parts

F&B also manufactures parts for the GE F414 and F404 engines. 

F414 Engine by GE

The United States Navy uses this engine, which was first launched in 1998. As the most advanced in its class, it incorporates design elements of the Boeing Super Hornet while remaining reliable, durable and easy to maintain. We make 3 parts for this General Electric Engine. The F414 is used in the Saab JAS 39 Gripen Fighter aircraft, which is primarily used for attack and reconnaissance by the Swedish, Czech Republic and Hungarian Air Forces. It is also found in the Boeing Super Hornet, a carrier based fighter & attack plane used by the U.S. Navy. The EADS Mako High Energy Advanced Trainer also flies with the F414 engine.

F404 Engine by GE

This engine was first utilized by the U.S. Navy in the late 1980s. It is a standard engine found in many military fighters. We manufacture 8 parts for this particular engine model. The F404 is found in the Boeing Hornet, a strike fighter jet, designed for the Navy and Marine Corp in the 1970s. We also make 9 parts for the environmental control systems in this plane. The Northrop F-20 Tigershark, a private fighter, and the Lockheed F117 Nighthawk, a stealth attack plane of the U.S. Air Force, also have the F404 engine.

Hamilton Sundstrand

environmental control system

Hamilton Sundstrand offers an environmental control system for Boeing 777 aircraft. We manufacture 17 parts for this system, and the plane is largely used by Singapore Airlines. The ECS for the Boeing 747 also has 3 of our components.